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About This Site


The main purpose of this web site is to allow members of Dr. Aw Swee Eng's Sunday morning Bible study to download his classes from the Internet. The site also hosts an online version of Dr. Aw's book, "Chats With Uncle Loh".

If you've surfed in here at random: This site comes to you from Singapore. Dr. Aw's Bible study is held weekly at the YMCA, and Dr. Aw and most of the members of the class are from Wesley Methodist Church.

This web site belongs to Sue-Lynn Lee. The recordings and chapters from his book are put up with the kind permission of Dr. Aw. I've added other content but these are not necessarily endorsed by Dr. Aw, they are just part of my web site hobby.

Please feel free to email me if you have any feedback.

Thanks for visiting!


Home --> About This Site

Questions or feedback? Feel free to email me!