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Home --> Articles --> Comments On Earthquake Prediction

Comments On Earthquake Prediction

A note from Dr. Aw:

What I said on Sunday, 30 September [2001] was in response to several enquiries on the earthquake prediction that has gone on the e-mail circuit. I did not repeat dates or times of that e-mail because they could be embellishments to an original message.

1. We know from God's Word that there will be earthquakes in "various places" and famines too, among other events which the Lord said are characteristics of the end times. (Mark 13:8, e.g). To exclude Singapore as a possible site for an earthquake, just because it is on a stable shelf and has not experienced a major quake before, is to qualify "various places" too restrictively.

2. It is tragic that people are so greatly alarmed about earthquakes when the Lord also said, just as clearly, that there are other signs, even more perilous because deceptive. A reading of Matthew 24 and Luke 21 will convince anyone. The problem with the human psyche, Christian or otherwise, is its obstinate refusal to really hear God's message about repentance and true faith. It is rather more concerned about the disastrous consequences that visit non-repentance and unbelief.

3. Keep in mind Deuteronomy 18:20 - 22.

4. Meanwhile, living as we do, in a politically turbulent region of the world, we should be prepared for emergencies. See the Straits Times of 2 October, "Home" section. Civil defence teaches us that stocking some food, torches and such like should be common practice. A prophecy of an imminent earthquake, whether it comes true or not, serves to emphasise our preparedness for disasters of any sort. Our trust for safety is in our Lord ultimately. Watch, and pray as He has taught us in Luke 21:36.

Yours in Him,
S E Aw


Home --> Articles --> Comments On Earthquake Prediction

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